Helical Piers create the perfect support for new commercial foundation construction. They provide superb stability and strength while maintaining ease of installation. Helical piers are often recommended by a structural engineer because of the soil type or the need for a vibration free installation. They can often be used because of aesthetic design choices. In new construction applications, the PierTech® line of helical piers and helical anchors provides the perfect permanent and hassle free foundation solution.


Helical Piers, when used as underpinning, can immediately stop your commercial building from settling and bring it back to a safe and level position. When used in conjunction with our patented cross-bolt technology, piering accessories, equipment, movement free brackets and anchors, the foundations of existing structures can be reinforced and repaired.


Helical Piers provide maximum support for retaining walls, abatements, slurry walls, excavation, bowing walls and seawalls. Helical piers are screwed into supporting ground and provide strong tension to support the walls. By using helical anchors, instead of traditional solutions, you get an immediate measurement of the capacity of the wall.